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Virginia R. Bensen

Virginia R. Bensen

This “About Us” section is really “About Me,” since Us is really just me at this point in time. Hopefully, this will change during the next few months, since I want “About Me” to become more about “Us”.  As this site grows and matures, my vision is to get other scholars to write articles about their research efforts, their organizations, and much more.  As of now, we are starting to get scholars to promote their new American women’s history books in our podcast interviews.  This is quite exciting.  Shortly, we will be including interesting women interviews.

As stated in the Introduction Video, American Women’s History Journey E-Zine & Podcast  is as much a journey for me as it has been for many American women during our history.  Designing and publishing both the E-Zine and Podcast has been both an educational and technical journey for me personally.  During that journey I learned multiple technical skills as well as lots of American women’s history along the way.

During my life I have held multiple careers starting out as a clerk typist in the late 1960s – 1970s.  I always chose interesting places to do that trade including Smithsonian Institution and Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars.

During the 1980s, my family moved to Florida and I became a real estate broker.

In the 1990s I finished my Bachelors in Management, then received my Masters in Business Administration. My career then shifted to working with out-of-work mullet fishers in Lee, Charlotte, and Collier Counties in Florida through the Workforce Councils in 1995.  At that point I was known as the Fish Lady for promoting clam farming.

In 1998 my career changed slightly as the programs of “Welfare to Work” started, and I developed local workforce training programs for welfare moms, the elderly, along with modifying adult education for low skilled adults to jump start their employment potential.

In 2003 I was granted an MBA Fellowship with Department of Labor.  My family and I then relocated back to Washington, D.C. metro area, and I settled in Winchester, VA.  During that time, I completed my Doctorate in Education, focusing on program performance metrics and changing cultures in large organizations toward practicing results management.

I retired from the Federal Government in 2012.

Just prior to retirement, in my spare time, I started research on ,The MacDougal Chronicles, a historic novel focusing on the civilians during late antebellum through the end of the civil war. It focused on a wealthy farm family located near Winchester, VA. That book was published, but last year my publisher went out of business. Now, I am looking for a new publisher.

During the past four years I also completed a Masters in American History which focused on American Women’s History and digital history. 

In 2018 I developed and published American Women’s History Journey and  Podcast. This project has been quite a challenge, as I learned how to design and develop a WordPress website along with some SEO, and how to record and edit audio recordings, then how to place them into a podcast. 

Although frustrating at times, I am enjoying every minute of producing this E-Zine and Podcast.  It has stalled now and then, due to some personal and family obligations, but this project is now in full swing.

Hopefully, during the next few months, I can enlarge this About Me to About Us with new scholarly authors for our articles and posts.  I’ve just added some new audio equipment to improve our podcast quality.

So now I invite YOU to join in this journey.  Please participate in the Comment/Discussion Portions of the Articles and posts. If you wish to share your American Women’s history research, please send me an email.  If you have a suggestion for topics, those are also welcomed.

Contact Me virginia@americanwomenshistoryjourney.com

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