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Merry Christmas 2019

Wishing Everyone a Very Merry Christmas       From:        American Women’s History Journey E-Zine & Podcast Informational Menu

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What is Feminism Podcast

SHOW NOTES: Season 1: Episode 5: In this episode, we introduce everyone to Dr. Erica Ryan and to Dr. Stacie Taranto to discuss feminism and

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Republican Motherhood Origins

Republican Motherhood was an ideal that developed during America’s Early Republic period during the 1790s. It charged women with the task of shaping the values

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Dressing in the 1800s

Found this YouTube quite interesting.  This really relates to some of our articles, that we have recently posted. Informational Menu

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What’s Next???

We have not published much during the past few months as we have been redesigning both the E-Zine and the podcast. Hopefully, we have made

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What is American Women’s History?

American Women’s History Journey E-Zine & Podcast about American Women’s History What is American Women’s History? This article connects to our Launch 2018 Discussion Question

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