The Doll That Broke the Glass Ceiling: Barbie

Barbie.  No word evokes more joy or controversy than the doll created by Ruth Handler of Mattel.  Born Barbara Millicent Roberts on March 9, 1959, Barbie has been played with and collected by millions.  She has been ascribed a family of dolls and embodied over 125 career roles.  Today, she […]

The Changing Meanings of Individualism and Democracy

Changes in the Meanings of Individualism and Democracy in America During the nineteenth century, the terms democracy and individualism have taken multiple meanings, and those meanings have become interchanged throughout Western Europe and in America. The interchange of the term democracy and individualism stems from early nineteenth century Germans. The […]

Changes in Technology for the Housewife – Washing Clothes, Part 2

Changes in Technology for the Housewife, Washing Clothes, Part 2 Doing the laundry was quite an undertaking prior to the invention of the washing machine in the early 1900s. Here are two videos found on YouTube.  Check these out. Doing the laundry during the American Revolution Era. Doing the laundry […]

Technology Changes for the Housewife over the Ages Series, Part 1

Technology Changes for the Housewife over the Ages Series, Part 1 Many of the articles presented so far have discussed domesticity with regard to women’s rights, and how American society during the 1800s stressed the importance of  women to perform their housewife duties rather than to focus on a career […]

Antebellum Women and the Cult of Womanhood

American Women’s History is a fairly new specialty field emerging in the 1960s. This field has shifted focus multiple times between its beginnings until the present, but not in a linear fashion. Although American Women’s History focus was oppression of women starting in colonial American in its formative years, focus […]

A Variety of Antebellum Women’s Writings (Books, Articles, and primary sources)

Our three featured women feminist Antebellum writers provide insight from the upper-middle-class white women of the New York and New England areas.  As you probably observed, these women were not working women but tried to adhere to the domestic realm.  Each of these three women also supported various types of […]

The Woman Question in the U.S. (late 1700s – early 1800s)

One Explanation of the Woman Question While drafting the American Constitution during America’s Early Republic in the late 1700s, the “woman question” started to appear. Based upon the values system of the British, women were not considered to have voting privileges. In fact, there was must questioning over just how […]

What is American Women’s History?

American Women’s History Journey E-Zine & Podcast about American Women’s History What is American Women’s History? This article connects to our Launch 2018 Discussion Question Discussion Question While trying to organize my thoughts about what should be included in this E-Zine blog, American Women’s History Journey, I started a Google […]