Antebellum Women and the Cult of Womanhood

American Women’s History is a fairly new specialty field emerging in the 1960s. This field has shifted focus multiple times between its beginnings until the present, but not in a linear fashion. Although American Women’s History focus was oppression of women starting in colonial American in its formative years, focus […]

A Variety of Antebellum Women’s Writings (Books, Articles, and primary sources)

Our three featured women feminist Antebellum writers provide insight from the upper-middle-class white women of the New York and New England areas.  As you probably observed, these women were not working women but tried to adhere to the domestic realm.  Each of these three women also supported various types of […]

Launch 2018 Discussion Question

Launch 2018 Discussion Question After reviewing the theme articles and videos, (Click to Access) Featured Article Videos Please answer the following: Have you ever taken an American Women’s History course? and What topic in American Women’s history would be of interest to you?     Subscribe to our mailing list […]

What is American Women’s History?

American Women’s History Journey E-Zine & Podcast about American Women’s History What is American Women’s History? This article connects to our Launch 2018 Discussion Question Discussion Question While trying to organize my thoughts about what should be included in this E-Zine blog, American Women’s History Journey, I started a Google […]

Esther Howland, February 2018 Featured Woman

American Women’s History Journey E-Zine & Podcast about American Women’s History Esther Howland February Featured Woman Esther Howland (1828-1904) was the first to publish and sell Valentine cards in the United States.  She imported paper lace, ribbons, and other fancy crafting materials from England, and then made her own Valentine’s […]