The Ideal of True Womanhood Podcast

SHOWNOTES The Antebellum ideal of True Womanhood is discussed. The four virtues of this ideal are described. Sources: Barbara Welter, “The Cult of True Womanhood: 1820-1860,” American Quarterly 18, no. 2 (Summer 1966), 151-174. Nancy Hewett, “Introduction,” Companion to American Women’s History (Malden, NA: Blackwell Publishing, 2005). Informational Menu

Antebellum Women and the Cult of Womanhood

American Women’s History is a fairly new specialty field emerging in the 1960s. This field has shifted focus multiple times between its beginnings until the present, but not in a linear fashion. Although American Women’s History focus was oppression of women starting in colonial American in its formative years, focus […]