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Update on Research Nov. 18, 2019

Virginia R. Bensen

Virginia R. Bensen

Currently I am researching Florida Woman Suffrage through historical Florida newspapers. This will be the basis for an upcoming book. As I am finding interesting information, I will share this with you through posts.

These past few weeks, I accessed NASWA’s Women’s Journal & Suffrage News. This was published multiple times per month between the years, 1890 – 1918.  Upon formally entering World War I, NAWSA then published the Woman Citizen.  That was published monthly and focused on women’s contribution to the WWI efforts, as well as a smaller coverage about woman suffrage.

I have also found that many of the major U.S. newspapers covered Florida woman suffrage efforts, as I found with Ella Chamberlain.

I have now covered Florida Newspapers through 1915 and Women’s Journal through 1913.  I’ve discovered many Florida women in those articles.  After my initial scan, I will be researching these women, and contacting many Florida historical societies.

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